Hero Group Reformer class

Reformer Classes

A dynamic, challenging class to lengthen and strengthen the body. Knowledge of equipment set up and exercise order is a must.

Max: 5
1 Hr

Mat Classes

A multilevel workout designed to complement your regular apparatus workouts. Arm weights, Magic Circle and Wall exercises may be incorporated.
As we incorporate Mat work into our Tower classes, we do do not offer continual mat class through the year. Check out schedule for the latest offering.

Max: 8
50 Mins.

Tower Classes

Our tower classes are a combination of matwork and specific springs exercises on the two merged ends of the Cadillac. This is a fun and invigorating workout which complements the reformer classes for a well rounded workout program.

Max: 8
1 Hr

Chair and Barrel Class

An advanced level class incorporating a strong workout on the Wunda chair and small barrels. An excellent working knowledge of the reformer and mat repertoire is required.


Max: 6
1 Hr

Private Sessions

We require that all students new to the Pilates Method and apparatus start with these sessions. This is also the best place for those with injuries and/or special conditions to begin the work. Workouts are on the full range of Pilates apparatus tailored to meet the individual needs and pace of each student.

Max: 1-2
50-55 Mins

Semi Private

A great way to get the energy and motivation of working out with friend or partner, while still getting a session that can meet you where you are at and expose you to the greater spectrum of the Pilates apparatus.

Max: 3
50-55 Mins

Open Gym

A workout the way Joe did it! Each student working on their own piece of apparatus while the instructor circulates the room. Great affordable option for students recovering from an injury who need to work at their own pace. Also suitable for the more advanced student who is familiar with the exercises and wants to build on independent workouts.

Max: 6
50-60 Mins
Whistler Pilates Group Apparatus Class